Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Make the World a Better Place by Being Thankful

                                Make it work people.” Tim Gun from Project Runway

                                           April Showers Bring May Flowers

Today I just had to vent, because I believe the world is a better place if we choose to see it that way.

One thing I have noticed throughout my life is the fact that no matter what, people will complain. They complain when we have a republican person or persons in office, they complain when it’s the democrats in charge. Proving that no one way is the right way. They complain when we are being taxed, and they complain when we are not receiving more taxes and cut expenses. People complain when it’s hot, or cold, when it’s raining or snowing, and I am waiting for the day someone complains that the sun is shining just a bit too brightly.

Anyone can complain, complaining is easy. All it takes is responding to an initial feeling of discomfort. A reaction to something that may or may not be happening, a fear, a worry and overall an unhealthy way to live. We all have ability to complain, and we all do complain. How often we complain and about what is a personal choice and also based on our own systems of how we respond to stimulus.

Not complaining results from taking a few moments to adjust to the initial discomfort of something, thinking about it and processing those feelings out, looking at perhaps the good side of the complaint. I have a headache, maybe I didn’t drink enough water, now you are acting on your dehydration instead of whining that you have a headache.

                                                        Snow allows for Snow Ball Fights with Those you Love

However if you have tons of headaches, and you have ran the gamut of things that can cause it , you should see a doctor for maybe you have a brain tumor, and that would be something worth complaining about, especially if you have none or crappy insurance. Which could also mean, you will not be able to see your doctor because some people out there think you shouldn’t have insurance because they don’t want it? This is also something to complain about.

Doing something to counteract the things we are complaining about is actually much harder. Because it requires ourselves to actually do something. We might have to think about things that hey, don’t involve us directly! How uncomfortable!

                                        Golden Retrievers Rarely if Ever Complain, and are Awesome Dogs

The only good thing about complaining is the fact that when you’re done, if you spent enough time on it that is, you will find a solution to what ails you. And if you do not, then you probably are not grateful for anything anyone does for you, ever.

I really fail to grasp why so many people wish to not live fully in reality, it is the only thing that is real. I do get it is fun to sometimes escape reality, but that isn’t real, and yes there are many drug on the market that can alter ones reality if they wish. But if you ask anyone who has to take it, they may complain about that too. Point being you may get what you wish for, to find out you don't really want it.

Is it really so hard to find the good in things? Snow sucks to shovel and drive in it, but its fun to play with, it’s pretty; it’s neat to see a pile of it fall in to your back yard from the sky. It’s real! It leads to snow angels, snowboarding, skiing, and hot cocoa; it’s not just shoveling and driving.

People complain a lot of about the weather, and about money, and how they are not satisfied with either. When really we do not control all of either of those things. Sure we can control much of what we consume; we can drive less if possible, but don’t control the price of gas, or milk. You can use less, but you still need so much to function. We can control whether we are going out in the weather, if we are driving or walking. We can put on our heater and our air conditioners, solutions to things that bug us to make it bearable, and the fact is they already exist…so why complain? Complain about something that doesn’t exist so maybe someone will make it, maybe you!

From now on I say when people are complaining, just ask them what they think is the solution, what is the answer. How can they make the sun come out when it’s raining? I want to see them balance the budget! You go find a solution to healthcare woes, you carry that burden of millions on your shoulders. Try that on for a while, maybe you will find you don’t have so much to complain about after all.

         My Son's Autism made being at the Beach Difficult, but he Worked Through it

I realize my rant about complaining is a paradox, and I am not suggesting people never ever vent. But I certainly would not recommend living your life around it, or complaining about things that have yet to happen

Don’t like what I had to say? Don’t waste your breath, I am not listening. I have dogs to play with, gardens to tend, people to love and words to write.

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