Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Noah

This month we will return to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for the 11th time as a family over the past 6 years. (Noah & I have been here a few more times for work/picking him up or dropping him off with my dad for a week in the summer). We will be celebrating Noah’s 14th birthday, and covering the Food & Wine event. The park is a special place to us, for it is one of the few places where Noah can be Noah, at peace and we get to spend family time together. It’s been a year now since we were all here together (Though Noah and I were able to cover HowlOScream in the fall for work).  We also  have this same fun, and semi-relaxing experience when we go to Disney, it’s just too expensive to do that as often. So traveling to Virginia is much easier. We discovered this place when we couldn't afford a trip to Disney, and we are so thankful it worked out this way.

                                         Noah having fun with friends on his 12th birthday

I created two videos recently. One is a walk-through of all of Busch Gardens in pictures set to music (it is posted below) it will give you a feel of why its called "America's Most Beautiful Theme Park". The other (which has more shots of Noah) is in celebration of his birthday. All of the pictures in that video take place at Busch Gardens, but they are more of moments then scenery.

                                                and even trying some new foods!

 Throughout years of therapy and growing up its nice to see Noah be very engaged and happy in the majority of pictures. He looks like any other kid, you probably can't tell he has autism. For when he is here at Busch Gardens in Willamsburg, it doesn't have him in its clenches. There is only fresh air, peace, delicious food and sensory therapy. 

If you want to know more about how to enjoy the park with a person with a disability or medical issue here is a link to a previously written article about their Mobility Program as well as some tips.


Busch Gardens Music Video celebrating Noah's birthday and 6 years of family time

Walk through photo montage with music from Europe in the Air (the BG ride in Ireland)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Moving Forward Sale! Lots of Collectibles, useful items and typical yardsale fare

We are moving this summer, and while packing I discovered there are many things I really don't need. We also have collectible items we do really like, but since money is necessary we have to sell. We are unsure if we will be able to just move to our real home, or have to rent something temporarily. So everything must go!

As far as prices, you will find we have stuff for sale for as low as 2 for $1 to as high as $100.
Gathering money for a move is always important. So some things we are selling for the purpose of letting them go because the money is needed for a down payment on a home. Some things however we are selling just to not have to take them and anything is better than nothing.

I am not dealing with change however, so don't expect 10 cent items. But I AM willing to wheel and find items to equal a dollar, that will work. Most things we have however are brand new and will be priced fairly. See below of a list with pictures of much of what we are selling.

The Sale is being done online now, due to the cancellation of the weather and the Green Fair that was down the street, which was moved indoors to another location.  If you are interested in something let me know.  by emailing me at  We can arrange to meet, or for pick up. Cash only.  I will update the pictures still.


This section consists of collectible items, for those who collect things you understand. For those who do not, these are hard to find items that are no longer or never sold in stores. The prices are based on the average fair market value, what they would sell for on Ebay, Amazon (which is less than in a brick and morter store, prices would be double) There is some room for negotiating on some items, especially with multiple purchases.  Unless stated as FIRM. Lower priced, normal/yard sale fare is below.

Albums/Vinyl 33's

Rather large collection of classic rock. Featuring  Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Elton John, U2, The Police, David Bowie, The Beatles, Kansas, Queen Fleetwood Mac. I am currently photographing and listing these and will add to this listing. Rare ones photographed will be $5-$10

                                   Both Led Zepplins are $10, Billy Joel 52 nd Street $5

                                                   Elton John & ELO $2

                                                    Kanas $5, Big Audio Dynamite

                               Beatles, Queen and Pink Floyd the Final Cut all $10

                                            David Bowie Ziggy Star Dust $10

                          Forever Michael, early Michael Jackson Album $20 

We will also have  $1 albums, they include some of the following artists, there are about 25-30 : 

Twisted Sister, Scandal, The Police, Cary Wright, Blondie, Journey
Quiet Riot, Deep Purple, Dire Staits, ZZ Top, Bad Company, Stevie Nicks, Billy Joel
Def Lep, Judas Priest, Joan Jett Plus more


LOST Collection 
  • LOST Magazines issues 1-11, # 13, #15 - Like new condition, unread. Most $5, some $10
  • yearbook type magazine and number 1 are $10 a piece

  •     2 TV Guides 1 with Lost Covers- Cover # March 12-18 2007 (Charlie, Claire & Desmond)
  • February 5-11, 2007 (Criminal Minds cover)  Lost Returns article
  • 5 Entertainment Weekly- #
  • -#877 May 19, 2006
  • -#921 February 16, 2007
  • -#973 January 11, 2008
  • -#1102 May 14, 2010
  • * not Lost cover-but in issue # 899 September 29, 2006

  • 3 paperbacks- Endangered Species,  Signs of Life, Secret Identity all 3 for $2
  • Additional LOST books- $1 ( Bad Twin, I lost my life to Lost) $3 LOST Companion w/DVD
  • 2007 Sealed Calender -make an offer, or answer my LOST trivia question and its your's free
  • LOST Pilot Script -$25
  • Seasons 4 & 5 on DVD - $20  (or $10 a piece)

BARBIES  All New in Box

  • American Idol Barbie - $25 New in Box FIRM
  • T.M.X Barbie Loves Elmo- $50 New in Box
  • Spongebob & Barbie (Patrick with brown hair) #c3118 - $25
  • Happy Birthday Barbies (2 styles from 2 different years) - $10
  • Barbie Ballerina $5
  • Barbie and Dolphin - $10
  • Clothing in package, but opened $2

GAMES Sealed and Brand New, unless stated
  • Christmas Story Monopoly 2007 $40
  • POP 5 - $35
  • 90’s Trivia in Tin Time Capsule (played once)= $20
  • Risk, 2003 collectible version Sealed in box=$50
  • Loaded Questions Political Party =$10

DISNEY Stuff (non-collectable movies will be listed in different section below for $2-$5)
  • Watch. New in box Limited Edition= $25
  • Disney Pins: Pardon our Dust, set of 3 pins, given out by Wilderness Lodge in 2015 during construction, only given to guests staying at the lodge=$25
  • Rare Plush Winnie the Pooh's friend Rabbit $20
  • Other pins, coins, magnets, trinkets $1; Luggage tags $4 a piece
  • Disney Platinum 2 Disc Cinderella (In Vault) Collectors $50
  • Disney 101 Dalmatians (in Vault) Collectors $40

PLUSH  Rare and Collectibles 
  • Bronycon 2014 Mane Event plush like new comes with press badge- $100 MINT
  • Shining Star Unicorn New with Tag = $60
  • Shining Star Dragon New with Tag = $40
  • Webkinz Lil kinz Unicorn New with Tag=$10
  • Scootoloo Buildabear-rare-no longer being produced= $25 (new worth $50)
  • Rabbit (Winnie the Pooh) $20

  • Wallet, Leather in Tin, NEW 2008= $25
  • Phillies Mug New- $5
  • Pennant # 8 of 100 World Series National Champions, very rare numbered out of 100 ($30)
  • Pennant World Series 2008 $10
  • Posters $2

  • Cupcake Keepsakes- Derpy, Twilight, DJ PON-E, New in boxes $15 a piece FIRM
  • Princess Celestia New inbox Crystal Rainbow Power  Filled with cutie mark glitter $15
  • Future Twilight Keychain  $10 New sealed (We Love Fine)
  • Maude Pie, Toys R US exclusive, early comic con release - $15
  • Twilight & Rainbow Dash, puzzle $15
  • Small plushes NWT $2
  • Bronycon 2014 Mane Event Listed above- $100 o.b.o

31 Stuff
  • Timeless Wristlet =$10
  • Timeless Wallet=$15
  • Jewerly Bag=$15
  • Cinch Sack=$5
  • Keep it Caddy=$10
  • Retired Fitted Skirt = $15
  • Full sized Duffle Bag=$25
  • Scarf, misc


Anni Moller Signed and Numbered Print. Anni was a popular local artist in Atlanta, she passed away in 2014. This is number 62 out of a 1000. "The Foxy Theater with Gone with the Wind" Print is also framed. $40 o.b.o

This may count more as Yard Sale fare, (listings begin after this) but its a massive collection I want to sell all at once to keep it in its container for sake of space.

Thomas the Tank Engine, Massive 140 Piece set, sold in Rubberneck Tote tub. $60 o.b.o

 This is a Toys R Us Track-master, and is a total of over 140 pieces. 
 Includes over 100 pieces of track
 Trains=3 Thomas trains, 1 Percy (+ 1 broken Percy train)10 cars
stations, buildings, cranky, water tower,  6  stations.
Additional Accessories included are trees, bridges, tunnel, and misc. items. 

Non collectible, Yard Sale Fare

AVON, beauty & Jewelry

Body Wash $1
Foot Scrub $2
Earrings $5 (NEW)
Watches $5 (NEW)
Body Spray $1
Lip Balm $1
non-avon body wash with loofa $1

Various Books  & Media
Books priced Hardcovers 2 or $3 or 2 for$1 in Paperbacks, unless marked
I have 2 collectible signed copies of my book (the Advanced Readers Copy) $10
Various kids books, coloring books, activity books, some sealed
Cook Books
Autism Related books

                                                  small sample of some of the books

Music Maker software- ($25 total all 3-which is 5 discs)
Dragon Software $35 New in box

Video Games $2 used unless marked

  • Pilates Wii
  • Karaoke Revolution games PS2
  • Skylanders (more info on this soon) 2 Brand New Characters $2 used will be $1
  • Garfield Fun Fest Nintendo DS
  • NFL Training in Box, all accessories included, barely used $10
  • EA Active, in box all accessories included $10
  • Brain Challenge DS
  • Nicktoons Attack of the Toybots DS

MOVIES $2 used or as marked
Brother Bear
The Secret of Nimh 2 NEW $3

The Terminal New $5

Random NEW stuff Everything here is $2
Color Wonder
Zhu Zhu Pet 
Playdough 4 pack 
Minnie Diary 
Photo album 
Glitter Glue 3 pack
Bath & Body works Bag
Read along Monsters Inc. Book
NWT Clothing
Veggie Slicer in box
Moon Sand Play Set (was opened)
Make your own Stone Heads
Avon Foot Scrub
My little Pony Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy
Beads, lots of beads, in an organizer bin with 17 spots, (not new)
Bamboo Table Runner

                                      Cute, some collectible, Toys, All new and sealed $1

Random Not New, Everything is $1
Stuffed Toys
Pooh Wall Art
table runner
31 organizer
Frame (New)
Polaroid Film (sealed, 1pk)

I will be adding to this today and tomorrow as I finish taking pictures. Music, movies, video games and coins are coming soon!