Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well they say Einstein had a form of Autism, turned out well for him

                                                 The Genius at Work

Noah has been very apt with technology most of his life. He has been capable of setting the timers on the VCR, all of the clocks in the house, and the DVD recorder. Some adults do not even know how to set the timer on their VCR/DVD recorder, Noah just figured it out without being shown. He only carries this ability to reading, nothing else that he has learned has come from learning on his own, or being modeled.

He started messing around with the computer when he was tall enough to see the keyboard and would peer at it in a curious fashion when I would be doing some work at the computer. Little did I know that allowing him to play with the calculator and play on some child websites would lead to him being able to create his own screen savers, install, download and eventually corrupt and dismantle part of the operating system on his own computer.

The disappearance of the main operating system happened yesterday, and the new computer that Joe and I purchased around Xmas (instead of swapping gifts) became worth every cent that I still owe on it. For if he was using my computer without my knowledge, all of my work, my book, and everything that matters that is would be gone. I do have most of my stuff backed up, but that is beside the point. The time it would take, to replace and put the material back in, if it would ever work properly would have been horrible. And some of it would have not been replaceable, because there are new things in my computer that I have not backed up yet. So thanks to the people of Dell helping us finance this computer, life goes on.

Noah’s talent with technology is one of those things that amaze me about him, and also causes us to need tons of money in the bank. For he takes apart and destroys things with his curiosity, one day though I hope if I have been encouraging him properly and his self-esteem stays high he will do something with this talent. Maybe he will be an engineer or an inventor and he can repay us for all of the many things big and small that I have had to replace over the years. And most importantly, I hope that he does some good with his talent, and does not become an evil genius. His self talking about bombs does not really concern me, because that would be silly, but I do hope he doesn’t’ play with his imaginary bombs at school. Schools tend to not be so understanding about these types of things in this day and age.



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