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Busch Gardens Food & Wine 2018

It’s that time of the year again when Busch Gardens gets more delicious for the 6th annual Food & Wine Festival. Food and Wine began in 2013 and has become a popular event, especially for foodies and anyone who appreciates the talents of the culinary team at the park. If you have been to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg Virginia, then you know the park is themed in the style of Europe, so you are already in a virtual paradise, now with more food. The landscape however is very beautiful this time of year, with flowers blooming.

You can enjoy the festival from May 25-July 1st. Every year there are typically 2 new kiosks to replace lesser performing ones. This year there wasn't necessarily a "lesser performing" kiosk, but there are simply so many types of food to try there will be 3 (and a half) new kiosks. The half, is a revamp of Asia. There will also be a few changes to some of the other kiosks.

Busch Gardens in Williamsburg is meant to have a food and wine event since the food here is a much higher caliber than you will find at the majority of theme parks. It has grown into a decent sized event to celebrate food, drink and culture. You can learn little tid bits about the countries represented.  As far as the food, the majority is made in house, all of their desserts and sauces are made on the premises, they smoke all of their own meats and sometimes special chefs join the team for Food & Wine (this year it was a sushi cook for the Japan kiosk!). Fish is always sustainable and the fruits and much of the vegetables are locally sourced.

I would consider the event a walking tour of Europe and the tastes of culinary dishes from around the world without the high price tag. It’s a beautiful escape for those who want to travel, but really can’t go too far. We have attended 4 of the past 5 years and the quality and product is consistent.

Above is the brand new mac-N-cheese from Hawaii which of course has ham and pineapple in it, and is topped with a macademia nut crust. The drink is the wheat puff shake from Cuba. called Batido de Trigo. Just like sugar smack milk.

What's New in 2018

New Kiosks
  •  Brazil replacing Canada (in same location) 3 items 1 cocktail, 1 specialty. The food items: Brazilian Sausage, Beef Chimichurri, and grilled pineapple with coconut caramel sauce.
  • Cuba replacing France (in same location) 3 items, 1 dessert, 1 cocktail, 1 specialty; Food: Cuban Sandwich, Shredded beef over rice and beans, Fried plantains, Flan
  • South Korea- In Fiesta near train station and Elephant Run- 3 items, 1 cocktail, 1 specialty. Food: Beef on a stick, Ribs, Kimchi Sampler.
  • Revamped Kiosk- Japan replacing Asia- still has 2 of the items, with 3 brand new items. Green Tea ice cream, Sushi, Lettuce wrap, chicken dumplings and Soba noodle bowl.

 Vegan dishes are noted with a green leaf on the kiosk menus. This year there are 6 vegan options (American Southwest : Ghost Chili Guacamole; India : Samosas, Japan : Lettuce Wrap; Mediterranean : Falafel; South Korea :  Kimchi Sampler; Spain:  Gazpacho. There are also 38 vegetarian options (including vegan, and does include desserts, but does not include drinks)

The Gazpacho went vegan this year by omitting the shrimp

 As far as drinks, or the "wine part" of Food & Wine, there are Tequila tastings by the Fest Haus (where Argentina Wine was in 2017)
In Fest Haus you will find a Beer flight, plus the famous Pork Schnitzel slider (schnitzelwich) which has a lemon caper sauce.

There are  5 Wine tastings - French Wine tastings, Niagara Region, German,  Italian,  Ireland. And for those who don't prefer wine a Scotch tasting in Scotland.

Previous years have had different entertainment in the form of Chef demos, this is also set up for 2018. This year they will be making some of the food from the festival in kiosks about every hour to hour and half. You will also get to try bite size samples for free.

This year there will also be 3 concerts. Scott McCreery on June 9.  Hunter Hayes on June 16, and Andy Grammer on June 30.

  • No additional Ticket, part of your admission. Buy what you want
  • All normal attractions are running
  • Food kiosks open at 11am and serve all day, or until they run out of food. In the case of lightening they do temporarily close
  • Tastings range from $2-$4 for desserts and about $4-$6 for entrées, a few are more.
  • To make your day a bit easier, you can purchase cashless wristbands.
  • Wristbands are available in several areas of the park, 2 different spots before you even get to food (Booth before the turnstiles and guest relations after you enter), plus several other locations in the park.
  • You can prepay with cash or link to a credit card for the cashless wristband. Then you just scan at the locations. This is a great choice when your hands are full and you need your stomach to be. If you don’t spend all of your cash, stop at Guest Relations in England when exiting and they will refund you any money not spent.
  • You can eat and drink your way around the park, and even take a short cruise down the Rhine River, while delighting in some jazz music and savoring some fancy cheese and chocolate. 
  • The Kombucha being sold at the Japan Kiosk is kept in a kegerator and does not contain alcohol, its by Coca Cola.
  • The Kimchi is also not fermented so no fish used for those with an allergy and is vegan
  • Sampler Cards cost $50 for 10 items, or $65 for 15 items.

·         The park goes all out for this event with additional decorations, country flags, lights and informational boards giving interesting tid bits from the countries represented. Truly a feast for the eyes as well. (no calories for that).

We visited on May 25, opening day

Kiosks of the Countries & regions represented

  • ·        American Southwest (moved to Scotland near Loch Ness Monster)
  • ·         Asia – Japan (NEW) -located in Italy walkway near big tree- between Pompeii and other rides in Italy at walkway to Fiesta
  • ·         Brazil (NEW) - in New France, replaced Canada
  • ·         Caribbean- Germany on the way to Oktoberfest.
  • ·         Coffee & Crêpes (part of France all year, but with different options for F&W)
  • ·         Cuba (NEW) - France-replaced France Kiosk near icecream and outside of Griffon
  • ·         French Quarter- France
  • ·         Germany - Oktoberfest near swings
  • ·         Greece/ Mediterranean- in pizza cone/donut bite location by Pompeii
  • ·         Hawaii- Ireland- in Wildlife reserve across from back of Abbystone theater-New Mac-N-Cheese
  • ·         India (new in 2017)- Germany
  • ·         Ireland- Ireland- near entrance after exiting bridge
  • ·         Italy- Italy, usual location  all desserts- NEW Mini Cannoli Trio
  • ·         Island Freeze Drinks (NEW in 2017) Back of Oktoberfest near Verbolten
  • ·         Spain- Italy walkway passed stores and Marco Polo, before rides
  • ·         South Korea (NEW) Fiesta near train station and Elephant Run
  • ·         Virginia- Scotland in Scotland pigs in a kilt.

Our Favorites

Best Dish- Hawaii- Tuna Poke. So good, I could eat a dozen I am sure. The seaweed salad is delicious also. Both are very light and fresh.

Easiest to Eat while walking in the Park- Virginia- Bacon Hushpuppies and honey butter. I wish they would make this all year.

Best Dessert- America South West- Chocolate lava Cake. So gooey, and a very nice size. Its almost impossible to pick a best dessert, not only is this chocolate its the best value.

Runner up - Hawaii  - Haupia- Coconut mouse with coffee Ganache.

Best  Speciality non-alcoholic Drink, Hawaii, Hibiscus Lemonade. However, we are really intrigued about the Brazilian lemonade which is a frozen shake made with limes and sweetened condensed milk. Just didn't get to try it yet but I am so very intrigued.

Best Soup, Virginia, She-Crab Soup. Very good, lots of crab.

Best New item from 2017 Mediterranean - Lamb Slider. Meaty, delicious not gamy

Best New item for 2018 TBA

Best Value- Virginia- Ham sampler; For $4 you get 3 kinds of Ham,- Country Ham, Carved Ham, and Ham pate, Plus as garnish- apple butter, honey mustard and whole grain mustard with a nice sized honey biscuit.

Carnivore’s Delight- Brazil- Sausage with grilled mushrooms, peppers and onions. perfect crisp sausage. delicious and a good portion.

Vegetarian Delight- Caribbean- Mojo Shrimp on Hearts of Palm Salad- Citrus marinated shrimp on bed of hearts of palm, black beans, corn relish, cilantro lime. Nice portion of shrimp! 

Sweet Tooth Lovers- Virginia- Pecan Bacon Chocolate bars.

Vegan Delight  - Lettuce Wrap - Japan. Marinated Tofu, veggies in chili sauce wrapped in butter lettuce. 

Food and Wine is fun overall. And if you have never been to the park, it may be a good time to check it out. Busch Gardens is more than just a theme park, it's not known for an excessive amount of thrill rides, but has thrilling rides. It is much more. You go here for a full experience, a nice day out in the fresh and sun, time with your loved ones and some delicious eats.

Don't miss this wonderful event!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What’s new in 2018 at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Another season has begun at America’s Most Beautiful theme park, Busch Gardens Williamsburg. All of the European themed villages are surrounded by trees, flowers and beautiful landscapes. All of the main rides are open as refurbishments happen during the off-season.  Busch Gardens is also a haven for  animal lovers, and foodies with their delicious food options. Entertainment lovers enjoy shows in many of the villages, including longtime favorites Celtic Fyre and Pet Shenanigans in Ireland. 

Every year (for at least the past 8 years I can attest) the park has opened up either a new ride, event, or show to keep things exciting and fresh.  For the 2018 season there are several new things to enjoy including a new ride, new show, some new animals and a brand new membership program.


The Highland Stables received 2 new editions this year. 2 baby Clydesdales, Axel and Ludo. You can visit them most days. If they aren't in the stables they are usually viewable from the train out in the pastures. Ludo always seems to come over when i say hi to him, he must like the sound of my voice. 


The brand new Virtual Reality ride (also known as Action VR ride) is finally open after a long intriguing wait. Fans have been following the progress of this 360 degree action adventure ride in the Ireland village, which replaced Europe in the Air. Since it’s in the same building  Battle for Eire is using some of the same equipment.  This combines the 360 virtual reality with a motion simulator which makes it a unique ride in the amusement park thrill industry (currently one of a kind).

Busch Gardens Engineers created one of a kind headsets which include a helmet and personalized attachable piece. They have been described as easy to maintain and convenient to use. The head mount is adjustable and you can fit it before you ride. My son and Step mother Ginger both rode a week after the ride opened and enjoyed the ride overall, (Europe in the Air was their favorite) they especially enjoyed it visually. They did have some issues with the headsets which is expected early on. Hers wasn’t secured properly, her hair got in the headset and she experienced some fogging, not sure if this was just an error on the ride operator, or the headset itself. Noah received a few errors. But overall they found it interesting. As with all new ride openings things can be a little buggy, but the later you wait to ride the better your experience should be. I personally cannot ride because of my heart condition, on a good day I would consider but I am very prone to motion sickness so as more people I know ride it I may decide to give it a whirl.

The story behind Battle for Eire tells the tale of the last fairy Addie and her dragon friend Ollie in Ireland. The two fight dark forces, soar above lush landscapes and ultimately take on a battle with the evil dark lord Balor. The goal is to recover the sacred heart of Eire.

Battle for Eire is a family ride, with the height requirement being 42 inches and up, and is described as a moderate thrill.  We can’t wait to share this ride with our guests. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind attraction with so many features and surprises, you’ll want to experience it again and again,” said Kevin Lembke, park president at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA. 

FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL Begins late May through July 1

Food and Wine opens soon and I will have a separate review on the the Food & Wine event, we will be visiting May 25th but here are some new highlights that I am aware of already. Food & Wine festival operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays plus Memorial Day from May 25-July 1, 2018. Kiosks are found throughout the park, in their previous locations. Maps are provided. Each area also has additional multi-cultural experiences. This year new cuisine is being presented from Brazil, Cuba, South Korea and Japan. Selected weekends will also have additional concerts. On June 9 you can see Country Music sensation Scotty McCreery and on June 30 pop music star Andy Grammer.  All concerts are included with park admission.


Lock Ness Monster turns 40 celebration June 6-10th
For 5 days the park is celebrating the Lock Ness Monster, when it was first created it was the tallest and fastest coaster of its time. You can see an original car  up at the front of the park (all the cars have been updated this year).  The ride itself also had a mini update with new lighting effects in the cave and a Lock Ness Roar! There will also be the following specials.

  • .40 cent beers- certain beers at Das Fest Haus will be just 40 cents (2 max per guest)
  • .40 refill Green popcorn
  • Special Lock Ness Dipping Dots
  • Special donuts and cupcakes
  • $40 tickets (june 1-10 th)
  • Specialty Lock Ness clothing and accessories
  • Ride photos for $4.40


In July there will be a brand new Laser light pyrotechnic show in the Royal Palace Theater in France village. I have to say I am very much looking forward to this as I remember seeing a few laser light shows back when I was a youngling.  Busch Gardens describes the show as being full of " Lots of lights and pyrotechnics to wow guests." And the show will be full of High Energy. The show will be available every evening from July 6 through August 12.  This will be updated after we get to view it.


New memberships are part of the park now eventually replacing the Season Pass program. A  membership is a “season pass” but it’s designed to me more like family, include more time in the park and all of the previous perks that the old program contained (10% discount, free tickets, discounts, free parking *) There is a calendar of new Member perks, including Member only times, where the park is open early or late just for members, free items and even additional discount days on top of the 10% discount. The decision to switch from your current program is going to vary. People who are new pass holders will benefit from switching as they will experience a savings on the tickets since they will no longer need to buy a Christmas Town pass for starters. Others who have been paying for passes for years (such as us) will see an increase. The new prices for us for example will go from $37 a month for 3 of us to $60 for example. We purchased in 2010. But also keep in mind this will include Christmas Town, which typically was another $50 per person for a funcard for the year. (plus parking for non-passholders) So with the new membership program you have both the free parking and Christmas Town.

There are 3 options a basic membership(completely new option) Unlimited (similar to the 2 park option) and Premier (platinum that gets you into all the Discovery Parks)

The Basic program is better than a funcard, and an inexpensive option. It includes both parks but does have black out days which are posted on the website.  It is not the same as the Unlimited 2 park, this is something completely different.  In short
all Saturdays are black out days (Which is the busiest day anyway, we almost never go). Major holidays are blocked out. Which means the first week of April for Easter is all blocked out, and the first week of July for the 4th of July. Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day.
Once Christmas Town opens (which is open nearly everyday) all Sundays are black out days (but Saturdays are not) and Thanksgiving weekend is also blacked out for the basic program. The rest of the calendar is open. They do however offer a $25 ticket on a block out date if it is that important. This is ONLY on the basic membership which is pretty inexpensive.  You will also get 50% off of parking, which is better than when you had a funcard which did not give you this, and did not give you Christmas Town or HowlOScream (you had to buy specific card for the season).

 Unlimited membership is as you have always known it, gets free general parking. Preferred/platinum still gets free preferred when available to your home park.

Tickets are still discounted at a $55 ticket for premier/basic and $25 for entrance to water country.
Platinum season passes still have the $50 and $20 tickets (a $40 discount, same day tickets have gone up to $90)

The changes are welcomed by many who took part in a survey and wanted these options, others of course are not. We personally are fine with it for this year as we can keep our current passes. We also get complemetry Unlimited passes or being in the blogger program, so we can still attend any member events and Christmas Town.

More Surprises as the Season Progresses

Besides these new things, this year is the 20th anniversary of HowlOScream, so we will be expecting to hear more about that later. So far we do know there will be 3 new mazes and 2 to 3 new Terrytories this year (Vampire Point, Axe Alley and Side Show Square are all returning) this means there will be no more Ripper Row, and possibly 2 NEW areas, which means more scares. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Town Busch Gardens is a Living Christmas Card

Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW) has the distinction of being Americas Most Beautiful Park for some 27 consecutive years and it has deserved that title each and every year.  Once Thanksgiving is over, Christmas Town comes to town with the largest light display in North American with more than 8.3 million lights.

BGW is busting with holiday cheer between the decorations, festive music and peace and love for an additional 6 weeks. Holiday food will also fill your belly as there are desserts, cookies, and cocoa and turkey dinner options available. It’s not just what you see with your eyes at Christmas Town that makes it a Christmas town, it’s this beautifully orchestrated symphony of sounds, smells and good feeling. When it’s all combined you can’t be there and not feel like you just walked into Christmas.
It's very much like a living Christmas card.

The halls here have been decked since 2009 and each year is a little brighter and more exciting than the last.  Christmas Town isn’t about the rides, it’s about spending time, enjoying the lights and the magical feeling of the season.  If you have never been to Christmas Town and need some holiday cheer this should be on your to-do list, especially if you live in the area. If you do not, it may be well worth booking a weekend trip.  Besides Busch Gardens there are plenty of other holiday sights to see in the milder temps of Williamsburg and surrounding areas. We have never found the park to be overstimulating, with the exception of too many people. So I don't recommend visiting on the day after Thanksgiving. I haven't been on Christmas Eve, we have been on New Years Day and it was average attendance. Typically Saturdays are busiest days.

The park does not operate all of the rides, mostly due to weather. However The Mach Tower, Verbolten, InvadR and about 20 more -most flat and kid rides are open.  The Train and Skyride also run during Christmas Town. The park is open from 2-10pm November 24 through January 1, 2018 daily, with the exception of the first two weeks (just after thanksgiving and the first week of December) when its just Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  After that you have plenty of options to visit. The only exception is Christmas Day when they are closed.

If you have been before don’t forget your cocoa mug for $1.99 refills on Hot cocoa and cider. (less for passmembers). If you don’t have one, then you may want to buy one for $6.

New Magic at Christmas Town This Year.

Speaking of Cocoa, this year to add to the delicious lineup which includes the Park Signature brew and Peppermint they have added Peanut Butter. Which both Noah and I sampled. It’s delicious, like drinking a less sweet Recess cup.

Santa’s Workshop moved to Dark Castle in Oktoberfest to make for a more spacious environment. The queue begins outside the same as if you are riding Dark Castle. However for those with a mobility pass you use the same quick queue area. If the park isn’t crowded you shouldn’t have to worry about the outdoor queue. 

The indoor queue is beautiful and makes the wait more fun and exciting. According to Park President Dave Cromwell “As a father of young children, I understand what a big deal it is to visit Santa,” Cromwell said. “We truly believe our Santa experience is the best anywhere around, and we have made changes this year to make sure families don’t have to wait as long.”

Be sure to use your mobility access pass for this (parents of disabled kids/disabled people). We did feel it was a long wait, but it was an enjoyable wait. Because you were looking and walking through a lot of magic, so the “wait” was truly part of the experience. Much like they say, it’s not the destination, but the journey.  

Which has its truth, but let’s face it, meeting the big guy is important. And Santa did not disappoint, he was awesome! You can also take your own pictures or purchase pictures either with your photokey membership, or as an individual picture (same as ride photos) which have their borders.  More on Photokey below for those who are unfamiliar.

Rudolph Movie Experience

2016 brought in Rudolph experience with Clarisse, Bumble and the loveable Yeti. (Yukon Cornelius, Bumble and Sam the Snowman.) Holiday Hills is an indoor opportunity to meet Rudolph and friends. The queue is mostly indoors, but on very busy days you will still have a line outside. As you walk through the queue you can enjoy scenes from the Rudolph movie and eventually get to meet Rudolph, Clarice, Bumble and Yukon.  Even the floor is sparkly. Out across from this is a shortened 12 minute version of the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer classic TV show. But will also include some special effects, delicious scents and of course lights.

Forest of Fun

The Forest of Fun is open again this year so the little ones will have more rides, and opportunities to meet their favorite Sesame Street characters. Characters will be in and out of the area and offer meet and greets as well as photo opportunities.

Cookies and Cocoa

Germany received a new cookie shop! Includes a heated seating area for cookies and beverages.  Cookies and Coca is over in the Wilkomenia building, where you previously met Santa. Here you can buy cookies freshly made by the pound with a variety of flavors like Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Lemon, Red Velvet, Snickerdoodle and more.  You will also be able to decorate a Gingerbread man. Cocoa is of course sold here, have I mentioned how delicious the Peanut Butter Cocoa is, because its ridiculous. 

Highlights of Christmas Town: Info for those who have never been.

Dining Options.

Dining at Busch Gardens is part of the fun for many park goers because the food here isn’t your typical theme park food. For the holiday season there are few options of buffets, and just special options at beloved locations like Fest Haus, and as new kiosks throughout the park. I wish I had more photos of the food, but its so good I usually wind up eating it before I take a picture.

In Fiesta Italy, There is a play and dine in the back of Holiday Hills (what is usually La Cucina) called Dasher’s Diner and here you can enjoy a buffet and meet all the characters. The buffet will have holiday themed foods, such as carved turkey and/or ham, a salad bar and plenty of kid favorites (pizza, chicken nuggets, and fries). Pass members can book this online and receive a discount.

If you prefer to dine with Santa and Mrs. Claus you can also do so!  Santa’s Fireside feast includes a buffet meal, cookies for dessert from Mrs. Claus and the big guy will read you a story. Santa’s Fireside Feast is located in Castle O Sullivan in Ireland and is interactive. You can meet Santa, tell him what you would like for Christmas and get a picture. Part of the show includes elves but you are part of the show.  It was a real delight and a must for kids. You can book this for lunch or dinner; bring your appetite the buffet includes a carving station of turkey or ham, Swedish meatballs, homemade mac-n-cheese, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and Trapper’s Smokehouse Chili. Plus there is plenty of food for kids plus a salad bar and more.

Other dining options include The Tastes of Christmas Town a buffet where you will also get reserved seating for Deck the Halls. (which if you go there on a busy day at the wrong time you certainly need). Both buffets have holiday themed food including roast turkey and ham, chicken alfredo and much more. In Oktoberfest there is Tannenbaum Soups where you can get potato or clam chowder from the kiosk. Most other kiosk locations are cookie and dessert related.

Fest Haus also has a Sirloin sandwich and clam chowder in a bread bowl for the holiday season. Plus you can buy a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. In England Squires Grille is renamed Dickens Tavern, it states it has “Christmas Faire”, but it does not with the exception of desserts. However, for burger lovers you can get a Philly burger, which is a burger topped with cheesesteak and peppers. Very delicious and not too big. But if Christmas Fair is your thing, check out Fest Haus or one of the buffet dining options.

Decor decked out from start to finish.

Besides its beautiful lights, there are also more than 20,000 ornaments and other decorations and displays including 900 window candles, 700 wreathes and 800 lit snowflakes. The smells of pine trees are everywhere as they also ship in over 1500 trees for the event. Holiday music is piped in throughout and in many cases is themed to the area so you will enjoy Irish, French and German holiday music.  The bridge that connects Oktoberfest to Italy plays “Let there be Peace on Earth” and when you are there looking over the water, seeing the display, listening to this choir sing it. You feel it, you believe it, and for that moment, there really is peace.

Each village is beautifully lit and decorated. The area normally known for the Pompeii ride is now the Polar Pathway and has over 1,500,000 lights.  

The largest light display in the park is Oktoberfest with almost 2 million lights itself. There are more than 1,700,000 lights in the main area of Oktoberfest and almost 400,000 at the North Pole.

Italy is full of almost a million gold lights. France is adorned in beautiful blues and purples, holiday hills is very retro and England is very classic with white lights.

Italy Gold

Scotland Blues

Photo Key
If you want to get some photos done Busch Gardens offers a Photo Key service which costs $35 for the day or $60 for the season. There are 8 locations throughout out the park.  (Includes Verbolten) as well as characters, Santa and other picturesque areas in the park. These are all noted on the Map you can get when you enter. With Photo Key you scan the card with the photographer after you have your picture taken or have ridden a ride. You get unlimited downloads. You can also opt to purchase photo and photo gifts off the website. Which if you opt for the Premium $60 you do get a 50% discount. 

Holiday Shopping

Shopping at Christmas Town can be part of the fun there is plenty of it around. The normal stores will be open selling Busch Gardens merchandise as well as holiday decorations and gifts. As well as fun novelty items like Christmas Tree hats (with or without "snow") and Christmas Bulb lighted necklaces and hats.  In Oktoberfest there is an outdoor market of items (Mistletoe Marketplace) from local artisans, winery and ornaments. With all of the holly jolly around it makes a good time to pick up some special items, or get pictures done for your holiday gift giving, regardless of what you celebrate. Cashless wristbands are offered and can be purchased once you enter the park to make your day a bit easier. You can pre pay a set amount or link to a credit card depending on your preference and needs. If you pay up front with cash and don’t use it all, it is refunded to you at the end of your night. You can use these for all purchases including dining.


There is plenty of entertainment decking the halls of Christmas Town. There are 6 shows you can enjoy throughout the park besides character meet and greets.  Scrooge No More in England, an adaptation of the Charles Dickens Classic A Christmas Carol, takes full advantage of the technological enhancement done on the Globe in 2014. At Fest Haus there is a musical holiday review show about different traditions called Deck the Halls. In Italy at the San Marco Theater is an a cappella musical show called “Gift of Harmony” full of Christmas music both new and old. For Christian traditionalists you can enjoy Gloria, a classic retelling of the Christian “first Christmas” at the Abby Stone theater in Ireland.  But the true crowning gem is T’was the Night, an ice skating show over in France in the Pallidum based on the story T’was the Night before Christmas. For additional entertainment you will also find Carolers in England and outside of the Fest Haus a 50 foot tree that will light up nightly to a musical score, properly named O’TannenbaumVideo here

Final Details

You can visit Christmas Town in all its glory from now through New Year’s Day2018.  The gates typically open before 1pm as do all the villages.  Rides and experiences open at 2pm, and the skyride at 4pm. You have the option to purchase a ticket at the park or online. If you think you will attend more than once you should consider the Fun Card which is $39 for Pass members, or $49 for others, includes discounts and parking. Which is a decent deal for even just a day of magic. Parking for pass members is complimentary and $15 for non-season pass holders.