Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Extravaganza at Sesame Place-Free Event for Families with Autism - Newark Autism & Parenting |

Halloween Extravaganza at Sesame Place-Free Event for Families with Autism - Newark Autism & Parenting

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don’t tell me the TRUTH!!!

Yes, truth is in caps to note yelling. This is one of my son’s favorite statements when he does not want to hear what I am telling him, be it going over the consequences for some less-than kosher actions, or explaining why something is dangerous or unfavorable. No you can’t just download anything off of the internet, because of viruses and spyware.

Noah is eight, and has autism so I expect these statements and misunderstandings. It is the grown adults in the world that also don’t want to hear the truth, and may be screaming this in their own heads, that I find interesting and maybe a little sorry for.

Truth is subjective most of the time anyway, and as Fox Mulder would remind us during the X-Files, it’s out there. Maybe some of the things that are truth that don’t bother me, like they do others, is because I like to look at the positive side of life, or am grateful for what is working, what is good. I also never assume “truth” from every blip I read on the internet, if the New Jersey governor is going to cut a bunch of programs, and drastically alter our budget-my first thought is to read the full budget. Because NJ needs help with its government, spending habits, and change is good. I am not a republican, I didn’t vote for Christie, but I at least have appreciation he is trying to fix things, and am grateful that I am not in charge of the millions of household he is.

Having an opinion though is important, and my one wish these days is for people to take a bit longer to formulate one, as opposed to the knee-jerk reaction, which usually makes them sound like a jerk. Saying you want Michael Vick disemboweled during a football game does not make me feel more sympathetic to dog fighting. But for the record, I think dogs-like horses- are heroes to humans, should have more rights and should never be abused or taken advantage. But wishing harm on others who could possibly just not know any better, or even those that do, only makes the opinions of those with hate as unimportant.

It is not want I want to teach my son, who will at times annoy people, offend them and may make choices or mistakes that will be upsetting. My open-hearted and open-minded ways of thinking are valuable, necessary skills that will keep him safe, loved and filled with possibility, despite the way of some people in the world. I want him to learn to handle the truth, accept it, think about it and move on.