Saturday, December 4, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

Writing in my blog hasn’t occurred much recently at all. All of my time for writing has been spent on making money due to the necessity of having it for those pesky things like the electric bill and groceries. Still, the blog is more enjoyable, and like many writers, I hope it will one day bring in some funds so I can justify writing in it. Or I hope to at least win the lottery so I can write more.

I am a HUGE believer in doing what you love, following your natural talents and abilities and not selling yourself out or short. I live this and I am hopeful one day I will also reap the financial benefits, or at least make things even from some bad luck from the past.  I am grateful I am determined, unshakable, and keep persevering despite the length of this journey.

I believe a person who has interests that drive them-has to do this, because there is no real choice if they want to be successful and fulfilled.  If you don’t have many interests and just wish to make money to survive this is something else, life isn’t just work. But I believe most people have abilities and gifts they should share as opposed to squander.  A career takes up most of a person’s time, where a job can vary.

Time is a valuable resource in which we cannot replenish or buy, no matter what we do; it just has to be spent wisely. So here's to spending my time as wise as possible and working smarter, not harder. I need to divide some of my time for this blog and other non-income generating things which can one day lead to more income. Perhaps 25 percent of my allotted time is a fair amount.
I also have to spend more time promoting my book until I get an agent who will do that for me. So here is a link to my fan page on Facebook.

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