Monday, May 2, 2016

New coaster is Invading Busch Gardens Spring 2017

In spring of 2017 a new wooden roller coaster will be invading Busch Gardens in Williamsburg Virginia. America’s most beautiful park is adding yet another thrill ride to the delight of thrill seekers. The park already has thrill rides in most of the “villages”. Scotland has Lockness Monster, France has The Griffon, Oktoberfest has both Mach Tower and Verbolten and Fiesta Italy has Apollo's Chariot and Tempesto. (the latter opened Spring 2015). This coaster will be added into the New France section of the park, which currently has mostly shops, the log flume Le Scoot and a stop on the railroad. You also can enjoy some delicious smoked food, visit the Golden Eagle, mine for gems and for the little ones, ride Le Catapult.

Vikings are Invading New France.
The theme of this ride is going to be of a Viking story.  Talk was going on for a short while with park goers being able to vote and “decide the ride” as far as the name. The masses spoke and the decision is to name the coaster InvadR. This is a family coaster in the sense the height requirement is planned to be 46 inches. However Larry Giles VP of Engineering stated “This is no kiddie ride, there will be an exciting drop of 74 feet and nine airtime hills”. This will make the hills similar as to what you experience on Apollos chariot, but not at the same speed. The planed speed for InvadR is 48 MPH, where Apollo’s Chariot hits over 70MPH. InvadR merges both the stability of a steel coaster and feel of a wooden coaster since the tracks will be wood and is manufactured by Great Coasters International of Sunbury PA.

Some fun aspects of InvadR are going to be its theming of over 2100 feet of wooded terrain through an underground tunnel (what!). The location is near Le Scoot and the railroad but none of these neighboring attractions will need to be closed during the construction, which makes park goers very happy. We will be sure to capture some pictures when we visit later this month for the Food & Wine Festival.

Fans Will Have More Choices to Vote.

Dan Dipiazzo, vice president of marketing stated there will be more options to vote about in the future for the creation of InvadR.  “Our fans are so loyal and passionate about this park, and we want to make them co-creators in this exciting new project,” Dipiazzo said.  “We still have a lot of details to finalize for this attraction, and our guests will get to weigh in and be a part of the development.

If you want to be included on the Fence Art of InvadR click here while submissions are open (until May 5, 2016)

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