Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Noah

This month we will return to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for the 11th time as a family over the past 6 years. (Noah & I have been here a few more times for work/picking him up or dropping him off with my dad for a week in the summer). We will be celebrating Noah’s 14th birthday, and covering the Food & Wine event. The park is a special place to us, for it is one of the few places where Noah can be Noah, at peace and we get to spend family time together. It’s been a year now since we were all here together (Though Noah and I were able to cover HowlOScream in the fall for work).  We also  have this same fun, and semi-relaxing experience when we go to Disney, it’s just too expensive to do that as often. So traveling to Virginia is much easier. We discovered this place when we couldn't afford a trip to Disney, and we are so thankful it worked out this way.

                                         Noah having fun with friends on his 12th birthday

I created two videos recently. One is a walk-through of all of Busch Gardens in pictures set to music (it is posted below) it will give you a feel of why its called "America's Most Beautiful Theme Park". The other (which has more shots of Noah) is in celebration of his birthday. All of the pictures in that video take place at Busch Gardens, but they are more of moments then scenery.

                                                and even trying some new foods!

 Throughout years of therapy and growing up its nice to see Noah be very engaged and happy in the majority of pictures. He looks like any other kid, you probably can't tell he has autism. For when he is here at Busch Gardens in Willamsburg, it doesn't have him in its clenches. There is only fresh air, peace, delicious food and sensory therapy. 

If you want to know more about how to enjoy the park with a person with a disability or medical issue here is a link to a previously written article about their Mobility Program as well as some tips.


Busch Gardens Music Video celebrating Noah's birthday and 6 years of family time

Walk through photo montage with music from Europe in the Air (the BG ride in Ireland)

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