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What's Happening at Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2017 Season

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, A.K.A America’s Most Beautiful Theme Park, is open once again with another exciting and fun-filled season this year.

Your journey begins with InvadR which is invading Busch Gardens on April 7, 2017. This is the park’s first wooden roller coaster and something thrill seekers have been asking for some time. InvadR has 9 airtime hills, a 74 foot drop and is Viking themed. The speed is considered moderate at just less than 50MPH, and the height requirement is 46 inches so it’s considered Family Friendly. This non-rider is planning on taking a voyage on InvadR shortly after it opens, at least once. 

InvadR is in the New France section (its more or less Canadian) near the Caribou Train Station. The coaster interacts with both the train and the Log Flume Le Scoot 4 different times during your journey.

Some exciting features of this coaster are sound effects being used indoors of the ride and two tunnels, one where the coaster goes underground briefly. InvadR is both wooden and steel so you get the best of both worlds. The feel of a wooden coaster, with the support and lower maintenance of steel. InvadR is brought to you by Great Coasters, they make Coasters great.

We have watched InvadR grow over the past year and it was an exciting time, especially the hard hat tour with previewing the progress and learning about how the coaster was being constructed. More tracks were still to be laid down back in February. This photo below is the stuff of nightmares. Don't worry, the coaster doesn't fly through the air here, they did finish laying the tracks. 

Busch Gardens has been very good over the years at keeping their secrets of any development plans they have. There still is plenty more land and more things in development but we all have to wait. (Psst...there is Virtual Reality coming in 2018 in Ireland). This coaster was announced in 2016 at Member preview day (which is typically the weekend before opening weekend). The ride was also partially designed by fans and guests.

Some examples of guest influence were during the "Decide the Ride Campaign". Fans took part in the naming of the ride, as well as the face of InvadR (a person to portray a Viking for the media aspects).

Busch Gardens is open every day from March 31 to April 23, to accommodate vacationers and spring breakers. Then they will resume a half-time schedule with just being open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday until May 26 (memorial day weekend)then the park is open all week long again. Springtime is always a fun time to visit as the weather is mild to warm, and the park has flowers everywhere you go.

Other Elements in 2017

A new Fry shop has opened in France called Pierre Les Frittes. It features hand cut French fries with numerous toppings such as Canadian themed-gravy and cheese curds, the park's signature Chili, Carnitas Pork, or a combination of other toppings like cheese, bacon and more. Below is a picture of the Gravy and Cheese Curds. Delicious, reasonable priced snack.

Every time a season pass is purchased this April, a day ticket is donated to children who are members of Boys and Girls Club of the Virginia Peninsula and of South East Virginia. Park President David Cromwell stated “Kids are very special to us, and we couldn’t have found a better partner than Boys & Girls Clubs, We are excited to kick off this unique collaboration between our guests and team members."

There are a few artistic aspects showing this partnership in the park at the back of the Wildlife reserve into France.  (Photo to be added)

Two New Shows.

Over in England at the Globe you will find Elmo Rocks in the Spring and a New Show in the summer called Britmania. OktoberZest in Das Fest Haus began March 31, and is a German themed show featuring a 4 person band with a violinist. Das Fest Haus is in the Oktoberfest section of Busch Gardens. It’s also a great place to eat when the weather is too hot, too cold or too wet. It is the largest seated area in the park, and the only one indoors. The food is pretty awesome too. Here you can get German sausages and sides, mile high corned beef sandwiches, desserts, and pizza.

Food & Wine

The Food & Wine Festival is extended this year for the first time and is running from May 26-July2. (typically it is just 4 weeks ending the 3rd week of June). This year there are 3 new Kiosks.  We are only losing one from last year. Typically they add 2 new ones each year and replace the lesser performing ones. We got lucky it seems this year, as the event is getting more popular!

The new kiosks are India (in Oktoberfest near Dark Castle), Mediterranean (replaces the Greek stand and also where you normally get pizza cones etc.) and a Frozen Drink stand near the Mach Tower called Island Freeze. Island Freeze will serve a variety of frozen drinks including Rum Runner, Frozen Mojito, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri and a Frozen Bellini as well as a few more.  This stand if it does well, could possibly stick around like Crepes and Coffee did in France, and the dessert area of Italy near Marco Polo Marketplace.

As usual Busch Gardens will have options for vegetarians. The Mediterranean Kiosk will have some similar food as years past, (Halloumi-the Griddled Greek cheese with honey and pistachios; and Baklava are back) and there is the new addition of a Lamb Burger and Falafel (which is vegetarian). India will have Chicken Tandoori, Samosas (pastry with lentils, potatoes, peas in a curry sauce), and a dessert that is Mango and Coconut Snowballs. 

Some changes this year did happen but so far not too many. (However the menu can still change). In the American Southwest a Ghost Pepper guacamole is replacing the Chicken Adobo with mole sauce.

The dips were removed from Hawaii and Virginia but otherwise the menu is the same. Which means those delicious Spam Sliders are back on the menu this year.

Some new drinks added, such as in Ireland a Specialty drink called a Leprechaun. It sounds like it just might be magically delicious.

Its Food AND wine, so there will be wine tasting areas throughout the park, and the kiosks will have wine, beer and specialty drinks. The day you go, there will be a printed menu with map so you are sure to not miss anything. More details on this later, typically we have a media event the day it opens. Here is last years review.

We have visited for all 5 years of Food & Wine, as it opens around Noah's birthday, and we have celebrated each of them here since 2013.  Video of Busch Gardens and Noah  to Orange Colored Sky.


As summer rolls in you will  find new entertainment, culinary experiences and illuminations for the ”Summer Nights”  which runs from the first of July until the end of August. All for One returns at the end of June (30th) and runs until September 3. Which if you haven’t seen it last year; this swashbuckling adventure is over in France at the Royal Palace Theater. (a.k.a Palladium). It features sword fighting, adventure, a little romance and some pretty cool special effects including some pyrotechnics.  It is a new spin and retelling of part of the Three Musketeers story.

Also on June 30 opens Britmania which will replace London Rocks in the Globe Theater of England.  This is a musical revue type of show (similar to London Rocks). It will feature British hits from the 60’s through current times. The Globe had received a revamping 3 years ago which includes more state of the art-technological equipment and better sound. 2000 speakers were added, giving each seat 2 speakers, and 79 around the stage. Plus visually the ability to project 110,000 lumens of video mapped imagery through 5 projectors (a typical home theater yields 3,000 lumens). If you haven't enjoyed it yet, now may be a good time.

There is also a set schedule of concerts that will be performed every Saturday night at the Royal Palace Theater from July 8th through August 26th. These concerts are free and are included with your ticket/pass. Some bands coming this year are MercyMe, Kool and the Gang and 38 Special.

Fireworks will occur in honor of Independence day on July 3rd and 4th in the evening around 9pm, they can typically be seen almost anywhere in the park.


Bier Fest is back and extended with more opportunities for you to enjoy this year. This will be the third year for this German fest in the Oktoberfest village. Guests get to enjoy German music and dancing as well as beer sampling from around the world. Bier Fest runs select dates from Sept 1-17.(the first 4 days of September plus 2 weekends). Maybe you will learn some German, and dance with this guy. (well I did, Ja..I did)


Some people's most favorite time of the year will also be extended this year to having a few Thursday nights and be open until midnight on select nights. The total amount of days is actually just increased by one. But for locals, the Thursday nights may provide additional enjoyment when the park isn't as crowded. This will most likely be run as an experiment this year. 

For kids this year there will also be a daytime event. For the first time the Count’s Halloween Spooktacular(always at Sesame Place and Seaworld Parks) will be a Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. Children will be allowed to be dressed up for the event, and join in family friendly activities, including a costume parade. This will occur during the day-time hours only on just Saturdays and Sundays October 7-29. After 6pm the park will turn into a more terrifying place. The No Escape Room is back. You didn't get a review from me last year as I had the pleasure of being a Stage Manager for the event! However, here is the review from 2015.

And to wrap up the season Christmas Town will be back November 24 and run until January 1. The Park is open from 2 or 3pm most days until 10pm. Not all rides are operating and this is a separately ticketed event. It is quite reasonable at around $30 (and funcards go on sale early and are cheapest the earlier you buy them).

More exciting events and concerts will also occur and we will update in more detail throughout the season. We always consider Busch Gardens to be an affordable, beautiful place that is full of friendly people. They grow fun there and you can feel it with the customer service you receive and your interactions with team members. We also have been thankful for the options available for those with special needs.

Many people go to a theme park for the rides, but Busch Gardens offers much more than that, so even if riding isn't your thing, you can still have a lot of fun. You feel like you are somewhere else. Plus they have some pretty delicious food.   Here is a video walk through with the music to Europe in the Air (which is now defunct...remember I psst'd you earlier about the Virtual’s going to be in there)

If you are an animal lover you can enjoy interactions here between the Pet Shenanigans show, and with the Jack Hanna Wildlife reserve. Who you may also get to meet in the spring with some of his animal friends each year.

 SeaWorld parks puts their money where their mouth is and have spent millions of dollars rehabbing and saving animals, and the planet. You can feel it in every inch of this place and meeting the animals here. There are 4 bald eagles who can not fly (most have broken wings, or were shot) and they live here.

Tickets and Passes 

There are a variety of options of tickets and passes.  The Fun card is $80 and is good until Sept 3, it allows you to enter over and over like a season pass and is cheaper than a season pass, but doesn’t have all the perks. (no free parking or discounts, plus expires by September 3). But is a good choice for anyone wanting to go more than once.  

For people who plan to go  a few times in the year there is the 1-park pass good all year from date of first use, $144 or $12 a month EZ Pay; or the 2-Park pass which includes Water Country- $192 or $16 a month EZ Pay. The Platinum pass is for all the SeaWorld parks except Discovery cove- $228 or $19 a month and is what you may choose if you know you are going to another park, or live near a different park. We had these before I wrote for the park and we lived near Sesame Place. They were a tad cheaper in 2010 ($12.50 a month) and they never went up in price because of the EZ Pay, so that is also something to consider for people who want to go here for years. Since your prices will remain the same. 

EZ Pay can be accessed through the passmember portal and when you sign up for your pass online. You link whatever credit or debit card you like to it. You also have the option to pick the day it draws. 

Other perks for having a season pass are the 10% discount, pass member only days or late nights, free parking (platinum passes have free preferred parking in VA parks, free general in all others) and discounted tickets for friends and family.

For example, pass members will have a late night ride option for InvadR on May 12-14 and a swim night coming up at Water Country on June 16, where the park will be open only for pass members from 7-10pm. Water Country opens on May 20th. It is the most beautiful water park I have ever been to. But more on that later. 

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