Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ice Carving at Food & Wine Busch Gardens 2016

Food & Wine is a new annual event at Busch Gardens Williamsburg that runs from Memorial Day weekend through all of June, but only on the weekends (Fri,Sat, Sun).

It is a delicious time and big fun for foodies, and people who enjoy the whimsy of the park. Besides, food there are some Art of Food kiosks and shows where you get to watch world class chefs create beautiful art from, well food!

Another unique feature is the Ice sculpting show.
This show runs in the evenings of the Food & Wine event, in the main square of the Ireland Village. 2 rival carvers will battle it out in a timed event to win your votes for the best ice sculpture. They start with a block of ice, and its amazing what they turn it into.

Here is a link to a short video of the event. (the event is about 20 minutes live).

 Or you can view on You Tube Here https://youtu.be/CLVkchBI96g

REVIEW of Food & Wine 2016

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