Thursday, May 8, 2014

LONDON ROCKS! Comes to Busch Gardens May 23, 2014

This year at Busch Gardens Williamsburg there is new attractions to enjoy and celebration of older ones. One of the most exciting is the introduction of London Rocks in England (the entrance of the park)

London Rocks will premiere on May 23, 2014. London Rocks will take place in the newly renovated Globe Theater and takes the place of Pirates 4D. The 25 minute live-action show, takes guests on a musical journey of rock n roll from legendary British musicians and bands. This new show was 4 years in the making and will include state of the art equipment normally used for concerts. The Globe Theater will be transformed with lights and over 2000 speakers, placing 2 in every seat.

We will be attending and I will update on the experience for those who have sensitivity to lights and sound (or the seekers who will appreciate it).

This show will use new technology so you will be seeing a live action concert as well as "mind bending" movie elements on the monochromatic set.

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