Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Celebrates 40th Anniversary Season

We were fortunate enough to tie in our anniversary with a quick weekend trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for opening weekend.  The park is as lovely as ever and this year marking the 40th anniversary there are a few new things on the horizon.

Throughout the park we got to delight in Busch gardens trivia from numerous “throwback” signs featuring retro photos and descriptions detailing an aspect of the park. For long time fans this is sure to activate nostalgia. Guest will get to read about Old Country favorites like the Big Bad Wolf, or the Wild Maus ride that use to reside where Dark Castle is now. Learn about why Europe in the air is in a castle.

New roller coaster Tempesto.

Tempesto opens April 25, 2015 and is a multi-launch (3) 63mph coaster with a 154 foot inversion that defies gravity. Tempesto packs in a lot of physics defying allusions to scare the pants off of you. The 3 launches roll through frontwards and backwards. The ride only holds 18 seats, and the queue is mere feet from the tracks so when the coaster comes by at 60 mph those waiting can feel it. The track is over 800 feet long and guests ride it twice during their journey. You can find Tempesto in Festia Italy near Apollo’s Chariot. The one minute ride is sure to change your perspective, at least for the rest of the day. 

Roll out the Barrel

Roll out the Barrel is the new show over in Festivus Haus.(the Oktoberfest section of the park) This German themed musical revue is orchestrated by the same team from "Scrooge No More"includes all of the lively singing, dancing and musicians you are used to enjoying here, plus the addition of acrobatics. Festivus Haus is a popular place to enjoy a live musical show and a meal because of its square footage. There hall is set up cafeteria style and it is climate controlled which is essential on hot or cold days. Entertainment is usually presented 4+ times a day (about every 1 1/2-2 hours). You can dine on fine German sausages, ribs, chicken, pizza or salads and of course beer. This location also has a cafe which sells Paninis, coffee and baked goods. 

Returning this year.

The Food & Wine Festival will be returning for the 3rd time in 2015 and will be serving up deliciousness from May 23-June 28. New kiosks with delicious servings from New Orleans and Asia will be added this year. Busch Gardens executive Chef Justin Watson is concocting up Cajun and creole dishes that haven’t been finalized just yet. Some examples of Asian dishes to delight your palate are Bahn mi and Thai Tea. Watson stated “We are pleased to offer these tastes of the world to our guests during this year’s Food and Wine Festival. Guests can sample culinary traditions spanning fourteen geographic regions representing Europe, the Americas and Asia.”

The Food and Wine Festival is a popular event so Saturdays are usually very busy at the park so plan to arrive early. Tastings range in price from $3-$11. Each kiosk will have a vegetarian and dessert option and there are many gluten free and vegan options. Wine isn't the only beverage available for the Festival, each kiosk also has other beverage choices which will be related to the country, some have beers, mixed drinks and non-alcoholic drinks.

London Rocks is back in the Globe Theater

Beginning on April 24th, London Rocks will reopen in the Globe. This 25 minute musical adventure is a true feast of the eyes and senses and tells the story of a young girl growing up through teens, marriage and children. (There is a very fun bit with Octopus’s Garden, puppets and bubbles got my son mesmerized) Visually London Rocks is amazing and should be seen. The combination of lighting and video technology brings the Globe into the modern era after receiving a thorough overall last year.