Friday, July 8, 2016

Busch Garden's Williamsburg Show All For One Swings into Action Summer 2016

All For One swings into action this summer as part of the Summer of Thrills at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

For the first time in seven years a live action adventure show is being performed at the Royal Palace Theater in France. In 2015 an Ice Skating show was developed and shown during Christmas Town, which paved the way for future shows back where they belong.  The Royal Palace typically is the home for concerts typically in the later spring or summer season. This is where you will see Glory at the Gardens or any special performer for Busch Gardens Live.

The Royal Palace is an open air amphitheater that seats about 5,000, out of these seats most are available for a first come, first serve basis. The park puts a few hundred on reserve for various VIP.s including guests who purchase VIP packages and dinner.  The Royal Palace received a small face lift this spring changing the previously blue building to a faux brick fa├žade to go with the show.

All For One is a story full of action, adventure, a little romance and some pretty cool special effects. There is sword fighting, rope swinging, pyrotechnics and much more. It is a new spin and retelling of part of the Three Musketeers story.

Peter Dunklee VP of Entertainment said “This is the most ambitious show we have ever staged at Busch Gardens.” The show was a year in the making and it’s apparent between the effects and the choreography for the fight scenes.  

Anyone who loves pirate stories, the three musketeers, or even appreciates good costuming will enjoy this show. All for One is not a musical, though background music is orchestrated specifically for the show to add ambiance.

Will bravery, loyalty and the power of friendship be enough to win?
You will have to go see for yourself.

All For One will be shown throughout the week and weekend from July 1 through September 4, in the evenings. Show times can be checked on the website, typically there will be one performance during the week and two on Saturday and Sunday.  

And check out the new signs!