Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Back to the Book

Life has been full of many twists and turns and it is for many people. I was pleased that I wrote my book about Noah years ago, especially knowing how challenging it was to complete such a huge project, with almost no assistance. (Yay for my long-time friend and grammar Nazi Keith who edited the first draft).  But everything else was up to me.  I released to friends and family an advanced reading copy back in 2010, then a kindle version in 2012(which was full of formatting issues, some of which Amazon wasn’t even aware of, but they have since changed the format in which you upload your materials). Thankfully one day I was able to download that myself and then made the necessary changes.  The first edition of Little Squares with Colors went live 4 years ago on, Barnes & Noble and I pretty much was distracted with life, I did not worry or spend time on marketing it. I suppose it was mostly because I wasn’t in it for the fortune and fame (not that any writer can truly expect either).

But here we are 4 years later, both Joe and I have had different work opportunities which have changed the way our household functions. But Noah is more functional, he has been homeschooled now since the summer of 2013 and after we adjusted to that, (and winter ended this year) I was able to finally devote the time I need to the second biggest project of my life.  I am currently working on the dreaded marketing. The correctly formatted Kindle went live on April 25, 2016. There has been a first edition in print also available. For those who purchased directly from me, this final version is slightly different than what you have. 

The cover is new (well new 4 years ago) and improved, though I am still not fond of the title placement. If I can ever figure that out, I will change it. For now I will go with…hey the book says to look differently so, look on an angle. Lol The inside is mostly the same with some minor format and chapter title changes, and 2 additional sections. One of which was moved from one location to another and expanded, another that was to be in the book but for some reason it wasn’t ever in the print that I ordered. I purchased Adobe finally and learned a lot about making PDF’s, the original file of this book was edited to have the section “Santa Wishes” and typical typo edits, never saved correctly or was uploaded incorrectly. So it isn’t in the orange covered copy. However according to about 5 different sellers on Amazon, this makes that copy worth $800-1000, to them. Though I am curious who would actually pay that, if I can find out, I have some copies I will sell and sign.

 The original ARC. Worth $$$ haha. However, I did like the pic of Noah and LOVE the title here.

So if you never purchased, you’re in luck! You can buy on Amazon for $11 and if you have Prime, free shipping. The kindle version is also available, that will run rotating sales from $5 to $8 (but it’s only $1 if you buy the print book).

And for you most loyal of fans, let me know if you want to obtain a copy. I will have small print run done to redistribute to those who already bought one but would like the final product. Just let me know.  I would like to do it completely free, but depending on demand may have to charge shipping if it exceeds my budget.

And for those of you just joining us, below is a summary of what Little Squares with Colors : A Different Way to Look at Autism is about.


Seven-year-old Noah is fascinated with weather, computers and taking things apart. He is tenacious, began reading at the age of three and seems to be full of endless energy. He is just like many other children, except he didn’t speak more than a few words until he was four and half years old, was in diapers until he was 6 and was lost in his own world. He would have hour long tantrums over things that seemed insignificant and would bag his head but could navigate a computer and understood the concept of negative numbers when he was just five. Between brilliance and incapacitation was Noah.  Poignant memoir how one family raises their autistic seven year old son, bakes gluten-dairy free, almost loses their house-goes broke, loses a dog-gains two more and somehow keeps their sense of humor, minds and marriage thriving. Written with humor and inspiration to challenge readers to think differently about what behavior really tells us. How our own attitudes shape our perspectives which can help or hinder progress.  And asks the question what if Autism is the next evolution?


  • ·         The stories included are painted with themes of tolerance, perseverance, love, and humor.
  • ·         Having faith in your intuitions, following your gut and the importance of thinking outside-the-box
  • ·         What worked, what didn’t and why.
  • ·         The importance of rest, support and being able to manage stress for everyone involved.
  • ·         ABA
  • ·         Behavior Modification
  • ·         DIR / Floor time, 
  • ·         Occupational Therapy
  • ·         The Gluten & Casein free diet
  • ·         IEP workings, challenges, success
  • ·         Furry four-legged friends can be therapists and heroes