Monday, June 28, 2010

Sanity- See you in September

I was originally going to be writing about our adventure to Toy Story 3 this weekend as my next blog post- I have begun it but was not ‘feeling it’ as far as finishing it up. Noah is in the shower right now, so I have about twenty minutes to write, and actually what I most want to write about is the fact, I have twenty minutes to write.

It is the way of it, School is out and Noah will be challenging me as he is suppose to do, all summer long. Writing for me is not the luxury that is use to be about ten years ago, it is now a necessity because it is what is going to salvage us financially. So sometimes I get a bit tense about trying to complete a deadline or get work done, promote my book, find more work, network etc when I am under constant interruption. I do not attempt to work all day when he is home, but I do think working for one or two hours out of the day is not too much to ask for. Heck, I would skip it all together if it wasn’t a necessity.

Noah will at least be spending some time down Joe’s parent’s house throughout the summer, a few days each month will give me a few days to try to complete the entire months work. But, this is the best it can be, since I cannot afford a baby sitter, and I do not know anyone willing to watch Noah for free.

Noah has come a long way from the head banging, non-verbal, freakazoid that he was a few years ago. He still scripts and self-talks, he still smacks himself when he is upset, beeps and makes peculiar sounds. He still does not understand many social cues, or a lot of concepts, he can be found running or sitting naked in the house because he doesn’t understand ‘shame’. He is impulsive and will often do something while he is asking you, and when it is not something he should be doing, this can be a problem.

However he does ask a lot more questions than he use to, and he even makes more comments about things that aren’t just about stuff he wants. His poor sleep patterns have improved, where he is getting to sleep by 10 instead of after midnight, but 10 is still pretty late when you get up before 6 am, and have no time to yourself or with anyone. Once he is asleep it’s time to sleep if I want to be healthy, but sometimes I work so I can keep the electric on.

I know he could be much worse off, the work we have done is really remarkable, and I am grateful for what we have accomplished and the good people who have come into our lives to help. Summer is bittersweet though, since we can’t really go out and do things it’s just a lot of time trapped in the house, trying to make the best of things, waiting for September when there will be peace in the noise, and quiet back in the house just for those few hours......and he is finishing his shower early (sigh)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

AMC Presents Summer Movie Camp, Almost Free Movies

AMC Presents Summer Movie Camp, Almost Free Movies